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India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. And hence, an election is like a festival. It happens at every five years at the local, state, or national level. The Election Commission of India conducts it and people who are above 18 years participate in it to use their right to vote and elect an ideal representative for them. And every political party with its announced candidates wants to win it to be in the power at state or national level. To facilitate their candidates in assembly or general (national) elections, senior leaders are always ready. In this regard, they campaign in favour of their party candidates in more constituencies by flying by private aircraft or helicopters.

Election Helicopter is an ideal name when it comes to booking an aircraft for election campaign in India. Without any bias and specific favour, we offer our election helicopter on rent in India to leaders of each political party at reasonable prices based on the availability of choppers in our fleet. Whether you are looking for a private helicopter or a charter helicopter, we help you get the best and most affordable private jet for election campaign in India.

The Process for Helicopter Booking for Election India

To hire helicopter for election campaign, you (a political party chief or leader), need to follow a few steps. First, you should identify election helicopter service providers. Through your internet searches or references, you can come across a lot of providers offering helicopters on rent for election campaigns across India. You can note down the names you get or come across. After that, you can get in touch with their representatives through a phone call, email, WhatsApp message, or office visit. While interacting with representatives of respective providers of charter helicopter for election campaign, you need to disclose a few details like locations, dates, and the number of leaders/people who will travel with you during an election campaign.

In the next step, you can them to produce a detailed quote based on your needs. The quote will include the cost/price based on the distance covered, seating capacities, and travelling duration. To make your helicopter booking for election inexpensive, you should make a comparison and contrast and ask a few of them for negotiations in terms of cancellation policy, payment schedule, and allied other things. Further, you should move to finalise the booking by submitting the necessary documents like security clearance, helipad location, and flight plan. After having the right flight/copper numbers and types, you can finalise the deal by depositing an initial payment amount.

At Election Helicopter, we are an ideal option for you for your needs for private chopper for election campaign. With our skilled team members, we carefully listen to you whatever you disclose about aspects like dates for your election campaigns, choppers with seating capacities, and locations. We suggest a few names of private choppers and charter helicopters with their seating capacities and allied features to you. After selecting the right choppers, we ask you to do some formalities and submit the respective documents. And we assure you that we will serve you better and help you manage your election campaigns smoothly.

Why Helicopters and Aircrafts Can Be an Effective Choice for Political Campaigns

Why Helicopter Booking for Election India

Booking election helicopter on rent in India is highly beneficial. The first benefit of hiring a helicopter for election campaign is time-saving. A helicopter flies at a speed of more than 500 kilometres an hour around 2000-3000 feet above the ground. It helps you reach in an election constituency in less time without worrying about infrastructure and traffic congestion. By booking a private jet for election campaign In India, you will have wider coverage in comparison with road transportation and other means. It helps you access a remote area, which has no airport or helipad. Further, it offers better visibility and attention. Your election campaign in a constituency by a private or charter helicopter can make you have a grand entry and be visible to people in large numbers while landing or taking off. Furthermore, a helicopter booking for election campaign in pan India helps you have enhanced security, especially in areas with high-security threats. In case of any security threat, you can easily fly away from the location by riding on your choppers booked for election campaign.

Requirements for booking a helicopter for election campaigns in India

To book a private jet for election campaign in India, you would typically need to meet the following requirements:

  • • Permission from the Election Commission of India: You must obtain permission from the Election Commission of India (ECI) to use a helicopter for election campaigning. This is to ensure that all political parties are given equal opportunities and to prevent any violations of the Model Code of Conduct during an election campaign.
  • • License from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation: The provider of an election helicopter on rent in India you select must have a valid license from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to operate commercial flights. This is to ensure that the helicopter is safe and meets all regulatory requirements.
  • • Payment: You will need to pay for the rental of the helicopter, as well as any additional charges such as landing fees, parking fees, and fuel charges. The cost of renting a helicopter can vary depending on the type of helicopter, its seating capacity, and the duration of the rental.
  • • Security arrangements: You will need to make security arrangements for the helicopter, including providing security personnel and obtaining clearance from the local police and airport authorities.
  • • Insurance: You may be required to purchase insurance for the helicopter rental to cover any damages or accidents that may occur during the rental period.
  • • Advance booking: It is advisable to book a helicopter well in advance to ensure availability and to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Why Us for Booking Private Chopper for Election Campaign in India

Within a few years of inception, we have become the first choice of political leaders for their need for charter helicopter for election campaign in India. Having a look at the following points can make you comprehend why you should hire our helicopters for your election campaigns anywhere in India:

  • • A team of highly dedicated, skilled, and experienced professionals
  • • Availability of numerous private and charter helicopters with different seating capacities
  • • Secured, safer, and fast travel
  • • Customised election helicopter rental packages
  • • Prompt response
  • • Excellent customer support service
  • • Friendly and bias-free behaviour
  • • Easy process to hire a helicopter for election campaigns
  • • Secure and easy payment options
  • • Transparent dealings
  • • Multiple communication means like a phone call, email, and WhatsApp
  • • No hidden charges